Killings of Muslims by Christians in Central African Republic

Killings of Muslims by Christians in Central African Republic



n a latest twist in the horrific violence unfolding in the Central African Republic, some 1,400 Muslims are living under siege and in dire conditions in the town of Boda. The country’s Christian militia has restricted the Muslim population to only one of the districts of the southwestern town. 

All other Muslims from nearby villages have also flocked to the diamond hub in fear of attacks by Christians. Men, women and children are constantly battling with severe food shortages and acute malnutrition. Now they are asking the military for a safe passage out of the area. Deadly sectarian violence has plagued the African nation since clashes erupted there between the mostly Muslim Seleka group and Christian militias last year. The violence is unfolding despite the presence of thousands of the French and the African Union troops rising fear of a Rwanda like genocide.

Why aren’t foreign troops doing enough to stop the violence?

Is what happened in Rwanda 20 years ago is being repeated in the Central African Republic?

Why the international community is not taking action against the ethnic cleansing of Muslims?

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US Needs “Pro-Democracy Revolution”

What does “democracy” mean?

To US leaders, it means overthrowing other people’s governments.

Since World War II, Americans have overthrown governments in Italy (1947), Costa Rica (1948), Syria (1949), Lebanon (1952), Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954, and 1982), Laos (nonstop coups 1957-1975), El Salvador (1960 and 1984), Congo (1960), Dominican Republic (1961, 1965), Ecuador (1961, and 1981), South Korea (1961), South Vietnam (1963), Iraq (1963 and 2003), Brazil (1964), Indonesia (1965), Greece (1967), Cambodia (1970), Egypt (1970), Chile (1973), Uruguay (1973), Australia (1975), Saudi Arabia (1975), Portugal (1975), Thailand (1976), Argentina (1976), Turkey (1980), Panama (1981 and 1989), Chad (1982), Grenada (1983),  Sweden (1986), Pakistan (1988), Afghanistan (1980s and 2001), Rwanda and Burundi (1994), Yugoslavia (2000), Somalia (2006), Sudan (2011), Libya (2011) and Ukraine (2014).

And these are only some of the better-known cases where the US successfully used force or fraud to put its puppets in power or remove leaders it didn’t like. There have also been dozens if not hundreds of unsuccessful attempts (such as the current war on Syria). And there have undoubtedly been many successful US-supported regime changes we don’t know about. After all, such operations are called “covert” for a reason: They are designed to remain secret forever.

And then, there are the so-called color revolutions: Ukraine (Orange), Lebanon (Cedar), Georgia (Rose), Kyrgyzstan (Tulip), Myanmar (Saffron), Thailand (Red), and Malaysia (Yellow). The US State Department, USAID, and George Soros apparently like their coups d’état in a pleasing array of hues.

All this in the name of democracy.

Overthrowing democratically-elected leaders such as Ukraine’s Yanukovych – and Chile’s Allende, Iran’s Mosaddeq, and so many more – is a very strange way of spreading democracy.

But there is one country that really does need a pro-democracy coup d’état: the United States of America.

Today, America’s phony democracy is rotten to the core. The US has had stolen presidential elections in 1980, 2000, and 2004. It has had nothing but CIA presidencies since 1988. And now the Supreme Court has ruled that elective offices are for sale to the highest bidder. From now on, the Court says, the public cannot put any limits whatsoever on political bribery.

And don’t get me started about assassinations. In 1963, when Americans allowed CIA operators (including Cord Meyer, Allen Dulles, James Angleton, E. Howard Hunt, David Atlee Phillips, Richard Helms, David Morales, Frank Sturgis, George H.W. Bush and others) to assassinate President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight with complete impunity, they for all intents and purposes gave up even the pretense of living in a democracy. Less than five years later, the same criminals killed JFK’s brother Robert – and added an exclamation point. The American people, drugged by television, emitted a collective yawn.

Today, when a courageous, intelligent, idealistic American like the late Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone is elected to federal office, his life expectancy (and later his plane) takes a nose-dive.

The situation is unacceptable. The USA, born in a revolution against monarchy and imperialism, is a symbol of democracy. Its good-hearted, generous, somewhat naive people deserve better.

A more democratic USA would cease overthrowing other people’s governments and invading other people’s countries. A more democratic USA would vote to mind its own business and stop wasting blood and treasure on misguided imperial adventures. And a more democratic USA would vote to de-throne the international bankers and organized criminals who currently run the world.

The USA should stop sponsoring phony “democracy revolutions” around the world. The world – and the American people – should sponsor a “democracy revolution” in the USA.

Call it the Red-White-and-Blue Revolution.

And make no mistake, a revolution is what America needs. There is no longer any hope of simply voting better people into office. The good candidates will be outspent, deprived of their victories by election fraud, and (if necessary) killed.

My friend, the late Col. Robert Bowman, Ph.D. was the best American candidate for federal office of the past two decades. Dr. Bowman ran for the presidency in 2000 and 2004. In 2006, running as an under-funded 9/11 truth candidate, he won election to the House of Representatives (FL-15) with over 55% of the vote according to exit polls. But black box voting machines anointed his opponent.

After being robbed of his victory, Dr. Bowman said he no longer had any desire to run in rigged elections overseen by black box machines. He recognized that America needs a democracy revolution.

Another first-rate American presidential candidate, Sen. Mike Gravel, also recognizes the need for a democracy revolution. Sen. Gravel, a leading opponent of the Vietnam and Iraq wars and a 9/11 truth supporter, thinks Americans should vote directly on initiatives (using hand-counted paper ballots) and make the laws themselves. You can learn more about Sen. Gravel’s National Initiative for Democracy at

How could an American democracy revolution begin?

The precursor to a democracy revolution: rising public awareness of the real state of affairs. By helping the public slowly awaken to the truth, the alternative media is setting the stage.

It could start with street demonstrations, perhaps in the wake of an economic crash and/or military defeat. Or it could start with a constitutional coup d’état: A military takeover dedicated to restoring democratic governance and constitutional rule.

Either way, the first order of business would be to smash the “mighty Wurlitzer” propaganda machine and jail the criminals who currently run the mainstream media. Every politician who has ever taken a bribe (meaning a “campaign contribution” over $200) should also be jailed. And the Supreme Court, which has just removed the last limits on political bribery, should be tried for treason.

The private Federal Reserve cartel should be seized, and the ill-gotten wealth of the international banking cabal returned to the people.

The military-industrial complex and the intelligence complex should be smashed to pieces and scattered to the winds – heeding the warning of Dwight David Eisenhower, and fulfilling the promise of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

“American glasnost” – exposure of past crimes of the deep state, and a redesign of both governmental and private power towards total transparency – should follow.

Phony US-sponsored “democracy revolutions” have overthrown dozens of governments around the world. Isn’t it time, as Malcolm X said in a different context, for “the chickens to come home to roost” – by way of a real democracy revolution in America?

“Bake to Death” in 100+ Degree

Mentally Ill Homeless Veteran Left to ‘Bake to Death’ in 100+ Degree Rikers Island Jail Cell

In a country that puts more people per capita in prison than any other on the planet, stories like this one continue to highlight what a complete failure our nation’s criminal justice system is.

A mentally ill, homeless veteran charged with trespassing was basically left to die at New York City’s Rikers Island in a stifling hot jail cell where temps reached over 100 degrees last month.

Fifty-six-year-old former Marine Jerome Murdough, a man diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, was arrested last month after he was found sleeping in a stairwell in a Harlem public housing project. Instead of getting the man some help, New York’s finest thought it much more appropriate to arrest him, where the system imparted “justice” by seeing fit to stick him with a $2,500 bail he obviously could not afford to pay before finally hauling him off to Rikers Island and placing him in a special observation unit for prisoners with mental illnesses.

It goes without saying they did not do a very good job of observing Murdough.

In a place where according to weather forecasts, the temperatures never got much higher than the low 50s last month, a man was allowed to bake to death in a hot little room.

Instead of taking responsibility for being part of a system that has failed at every conceivable level possible to the point that a life was needlessly lost, the “officials” involved are reportedly making various excuses that simply aren’t good enough.

They claim the extreme heat was due to an equipment malfunction. They claim the anti-psychotic and anti-seizure medications Murdough was taking made him more susceptible to heat. The deceased vet himself is even being blamed for not opening a small vent in the cell that would’ve allowed more air in like other inmates apparently do.

At least someone somewhere admitted Murdough should have been looked after more frequently, as standard procedure is every 15 minutes in that particular section of the prison and no one had actually checked on Murdough for at least four hours before he died.

The temperatures in the cell reportedly could have gone much hotter than the 100 degrees Murdough’s internal body temperature tested at when he was found, as the room had been closed off for hours before then.

Meanwhile, early autopsy reports suggest the cause of death was indeed heat stroke and/or extreme dehydration.

While Murdough may have trespassed, a misdemeanor charge, who is going to be held responsible for his DEATH? Because, you know, killing someone seems like a much more serious crime than unauthorized sleeping in a stairwell.

Then again, we now live in an upside down backwards police state where mentally ill poor people get tossed in the clink and left to die for petty crimes and elderly women get held without bond for feeding birds — but if you are filthy rich and come from an elite family crawling with pricey lawyers, you can apparently get away with admitting to raping your toddler-aged children without spending one single moment behind bars.

…welcome to the modern American criminal justice system.

Melissa Melton is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple, where this first appeared, and a co-creator of Truthstream Media. Wake the flock up!


Russia completes Crimea annexation

Originally posted on Peace and Freedom:

MOSCOW (AP) — President Vladimir Putin completed the annexation of Crimea on Friday, signing the peninsula into Russia at nearly the same time his Ukrainian counterpart sealed a deal pulling his country closer into Europe’s orbit.

Putin said he saw no need to further retaliate against U.S. sanctions, a newly conciliatory tone reflecting an apparent attempt to contain one of the worst crises in Russia’s relations with the West since the Cold War.

Putin hailed the incorporation of Crimea into Russia as a “remarkable event” before he signed the parliament bills into law in the Kremlin on Friday. He ordered fireworks in Moscow and Crimea.

At nearly the same time, in a ceremony in Brussels, Ukraine’s new prime minister pulled his nation closer to Europe by signing a political association agreement with the European Union — the same deal that touched off the political crisis that drove President Viktor Yanukovych…

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