Oh! You Have Racism? I’ll Make It All Better. Just…

Oh! You Have Racism? I’ll Make It All Better. Just….

Oh! You Have Racism? I’ll Make It All Better. Just…


inmate slaveThis began as a comment; in reply to a comment but I have decided to post it because it seems relevant and it’s just good to see Steve’s name in lights again isn’t it?

A reader said that Barack Obama was expressing his own experience of racism and Steve said:……………..




July 29, 2013 at 12:41

Seriously? You think THIS guy has any idea what it’s like to be a “black guy” in America?When would that experience happened? While roughing it in the boarding school in Hawaii? Maybe while slumming it at Harvard or Columbia. Bet there’s alot of confrontation there. Funny! He’s only half black first off, the other half is WHITE. Fact is he has divided this country MORE along racial lines than any other President in history. Just how alive is racism really in this country if a “black” man gets elected President? It isn’t perfect but it certainly is better. Blacks bring an awful lot of the problems they have upon themselves. When will they as a group start to take responsibility for themselves and fix some of their own problems? How about we start with fixing the basic family union. I think that would be a good start. In order to fix a problem you first need to address what that problem is instead of always blaming in on somebody or something else but then that’s kind of your guys MO. Blame things on somebody else and it starts right up there at the top, HMMMN?

So I felt compelled to reply:

Shit Man; where do I start? Oddly; even while going to Harvard where the level of racism is probably very low; The President was still Black and still had to deal with the rest of the world around him. Also I seriously doubt that a good education should make you forget the rest of your life experience and that of many of the people you know. Harvard isn’t in a bubble. Hawaii isn’t beyond the reach of racism.

Half-black? Now it’s, “He’s only half black.” Really? Only half Black? Because:

Who is Black? One Nation’s Definition by F. James Davis  F. James Davis is a retired professor of sociology at Illinois State University. He is the author of numerous books, including Who is Black? One Nation’s Definition (1991), from which this excerpt was taken.  Reprinted with permission of Penn State University Press

“”The One-Drop Rule Defined To be considered black in the United States not even half of one’s ancestry must be African black. But will one-fourth do, or one-eighth, or less? The nation’s answer to the question ‘Who is black?” has long been that a black is any person with any known African black ancestry. This definition reflects the long experience with slavery and later with Jim Crow segregation. In the South it became known as the “one-drop rule,” meaning that a single drop of “black blood” makes a person a black. It is also known as the “one black ancestor rule,” some courts have called it the “traceable amount rule,” and anthropologists call it the “hypo-descent rule,” meaning that racially mixed persons are assigned the status of the subordinate group. This definition emerged from the American South to become the nation’s definition, generally accepted by whites and blacks.””

So I think it is safe to say that Barack Obama looks black enough to be treated as a black and not white person by any self-respecting racist (talk about an oxy-moron) he would be ;likely to meet.

Now: Which branch of the Fucking tree did you fall out of? You actually believe that America was a former slave nation; racist and discriminatory for centuries which; although it had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the twentieth century and force-fed desegregation, civil rights, and voters rights (which they have done away with as soon as a bad excuse presented itself) suddenly changed its colors in a revelation of religious inspiration and began to purge racism from its heart? Then the rapidly healing nation (after fifty (50) years); finally elects a black man as President and that causes a horrific racial rift? Bull Fucking Shit Steve. Try this instead. In the 60s racists were forced to retreat into the shadows because of a nation’s outrage at the sheer volume of cruelty and murder being perpetrated against black people. A nation; Already incensed by the disgraceful behavior of our government and it’s military in Viet-Nam; the American people; made clear that such behavior here or abroad was not the way Americans wanted America to behave or to be perceived. After fifty years; representatives of the Racist-Right; saw an opportunity  to undo what it considered damage to their cause by denying the right to vote to millions of poor and black and brown Americans. Because these racists are Supreme Court Justices; it will be another very difficult battle to return that right to all Americans. When we elected a Black president; it didn’t cause a racial rift. It cause fear among the racists waiting for their chance to strike back. They will continue to do anything to prevent real progress. For all the years since 1965, they have done their damnedest to assure as little progress for Black people as they could. They have enacted laws that discriminate indirectly. They have made help complicated and difficult to get and maintain; they have assured that the help given is just enough to keep them on assistance but never enough to get away from it. Like cutting cactus for water. If you cut all day; you can get enough water to allow you to sit and cut all day tomorrow to get enough water to…

In a thousand other ways, Black people have been frustrated in all their attempts to progress. a comparative few of course have made enough progress to create the illusion that all can succeed if they just try harder. The same story they have fed the rest of the American people since the get-go. In fact; Blacks have been segregated; disenfranchised and alienated from society. They have been allowed to attend in principle but discouragedinmate labor' by behavior. They have been legally allowed to be part of the process but practically cold-shouldered out of the action and decision-making process. They are discouraged from acting “White”; made fun of for acting “Black”; pressured to assimilate; forced not to assimilate; and the subject of the biggest scam in history.

Black people did not bring racism on themselves. They did not bring centuries of slavery; torture; and degradation on themselves. They did not ask to be made second class citizens in the home of their former enslavers. Black people didn’t do anything to deserve or justify what was done to them and they have done nothing but react as anyone would; as you or I would; if we were treated as they have been. There has been a lot of friction between the races since emancipation. Caused by the divisive actions of White racists who control the economy and the commerce of our nation.

Should black people take more responsibility for their plight and do something more to improve their lot. Hell yes. So should we all. But aside from the obstacles placed in their way by the society; there is the problem of hundreds of years of demoralization and humiliation and obvious distaste they have been subjected to in order to ensure that they failed to become a part of the only home they have ever known. Slavery comes in all flavors and forms. It goes on today as surely as it did in 1860. If you deny what I am saying here today Steve; I fear you are self-deluding as the Masters wish you to. You know; you don’t have to like Black people; or love them. You don’t have to date them; marry them; invite them into your home for dinner or think they look pretty in pink. You can feel any way you wish to and still be a good American. Truly. We; Americans; don’t ask you to change your personal likes or dislikes or preferences. You can keep them; hide them; advertise them and live by them in your personal existence and still be called a good American. What you can’t do is allow your personal likes; dislikes; and preferences to affect the way you assign rights and privileges in society. You may not use your personal likes to infringe on the rights of all other Americans to do the same that you do. Not and be a good American. A good American believes in freedom for all people; not just whites and not just Americans. Real Americans will not allow themselves to be deceived into believing lies that allow a small power group to control us all. They will nor believe unreasonable stories that turn the responsibility for people’s mistreatment back upon themselves. Stories that would ask you to believe that there is something g wrong or lacking in some people or groups or races of people that makes them lazy or unwilling to join the team.

You don’t have to like anyone you don’t want to. I find most people are pretty much the same. The ones who aren’t; stand out and tend to be the original stereotype so-to-speak. We assign the faults of one person to his entire family or race or team or group.

It is a very limiting way to approach life and people and denies one the choice of seeing the truth about people.

Don’t see the racism all around you; everyday?

Open your eyes. You’re sleeping.

What you say about Black people taking responsibility for their own problems would be Ok if they were starting at the same level as everyone else. They are not. It would be Ok if we really lived in fairyland you live in where racism is a thing of the past but here? How does a man be or feel like a good father when he is frustrated and unable to get out of the spiritual morass he has been driven into all his life. It isn’t fair to say they should just pull themselves up by their bootstraps. That’s just the White way to deny responsibility for what they have done to an entire race of people. To deny this is to suggest that there is something inherently wrong with the Black race. Really? Now that; THAT; is pure scientific racism. What a true racist believer believes.

I’d think about it a bit more Steve.


4 thoughts on “Oh! You Have Racism? I’ll Make It All Better. Just…

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  2. I love your post. I love it so much that I wrote it myself and posted it to my blog way back on July 29, 2013.
    I am all about having my work re-printed and spread about as much as possible if you like it, but to publish my words as your own and take credit for them is Plagiarism. If you use the reblog button it will automatically reprint the article to your site and give credit to the author. Otherwise you really should take a moment to give credit to the author when you reprint an article. Thanks for appreciating my work though and I hope you will reprint more of my stuff; if you make that one change I mentioned.


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