Suspected Witches Burned Alive by Christians in Kenya

Suspected Witches Burned Alive by Christians in Kenya, Africa



Growing desires for land along Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline are allegedly causing a rise in ‘witch lynchings’ by residents to intimidate their elderly relatives who own the title deeds of desirable areas.

Sadaka Muruu, 100, who owns 12 acres of sought-after land in coastal Kilifi county, claimed she was told by her grandchildren that they would burn her alive after investors asked about purchasing it.

The frightened grandmother was allegedly dragged naked from her home in January by relatives who had turned up without notice, and told neighbours they had caught her doing witchcraft.

But she was saved at the last minute by local councillor Teddy Mwambire, who drove her away to a rescue centre for elderly men and women accused of witchcraft, reported the Sunday Times.

Others have suffered a much-worse fate, with more than 50 people aged over 60 lynched this year over witchcraft accusations. Seven were killed in Cllr Mwambire’s district in Kilifi alone this summer.

Some were burned to death in front of villagers. Other victims were fatally hit with machetes – such as Thomas Barawa, 79, who died in August just four weeks after his wife suffered the same fate.

Cllr Mwambire led an independent probe into witchcraft and found relatives can arrange a killing for the equivalent of only £30.

Relatives are the top suspects in almost all of the killings. But police are struggling to bring cases to court because they cannot get anybody to give evidence.

Most victims who escape death and end up at guarded rescue centres are too scared to ever return home as they risk death if their angry relatives see them again, reported the Sunday Times.

Many poor communities in the African country rely on spiritual healers, sorcery and black magic.

Three years ago uproar was caused after a video emerged on the internet showing five people burned in the village of Nyamataro, Kisii, in the west of Kenya, over witchcraft allegations.

Extraordinary images: Three years ago uproar was caused after a video emerged on the internet showing five people burned in the village of Nyamataro, Kisii, in the east of Kenya, over witchcraft allegations

Extraordinary images: Three years ago uproar was caused after a video emerged on the internet showing five people burned in the village of Nyamataro, Kisii, in the east of Kenya, over witchcraft allegations


Shocking: Kenyan local councillor Teddy Mwambire has led an independent probe into witchcraft and found relatives can arrange for a killing for the equivalent of only £30

Shocking: Kenyan local councillor Teddy Mwambire has led an independent probe into witchcraft and found relatives can arrange for a killing for the equivalent of only £30

,,,, Lucrative: Desires for land along Kenya's Indian Ocean coastline (file picture) are allegedly causing a rise in 'witch lynchings' by residents to intimidate their elderly relatives who own the title deeds of desirable sites

Lucrative: Desires for land along Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline (file picture) are allegedly causing a rise in ‘witch lynchings’ by residents to intimidate their elderly relatives who own the title deeds of desirable sites

Further more BBC reported the witnesses:

Joseph Ondieki, at the grave of his mother, who was burned as a witch

Joseph Ondieki, at the grave of his mother, who was burned as a witch

Villagers, many straight from their farms, and armed with machetes, sticks and axes, are shouting and crowding round in a big group in Kenya’s fertile Kisii district.

I can’t see clearly what is going on, but heavy smoke is rising from the ground and a horrible stench fills the air.

More people are streaming up the hill, some of them with firewood and maize stalks.

Suddenly an old woman breaks from the crowd, screaming for mercy. Three or four people go after her, beat her and drag her back, pushing her onto – what I can now see – is a raging fire.

Burned alive

I was witnessing a horrific practice which appears to be on the increase in Kenya – the lynching of people accused of being witches.

I personally saw the burning alive of five elderly men and women in Itii village.

Joseph Ondieki
 They point at me saying – that is a son of the witch 
Joseph Ondieki

I had been visiting relatives in a nearby town, when I heard what was happening. I dashed to the scene, accompanied by a village elder.

He reacted as if what we were watching was quite normal, which was shocking for me.

As a stranger I felt I had no choice but to stand by and watch. My fear was that if I showed any sign of disapproval, or made any false move, the angry mob could turn on me.

Not one person was protesting or trying to stop the killing.

Hours later, the police came and removed the charred bodies.

Village youths who took part in the killings told me that the five victims had to die because they had bewitched a young boy.

“Of course some people have been burned. But there is proof of witchcraft,” said one youth.

He said that a child had spent the night walking around and then was unable to talk the following morning – except to one of the so-called witches.

Mary Nyaboke

Mary Nyaboke came home to find her mother-in-law burned alive

I asked the youths whether or not people involved in this supposed witchcraft should be punished.

“Yes, they must be punished, every one,” said the first youth.

“We are very angry and that’s why we end up punishing these people and even killing them.”

His friend agreed: “In other communities, there are witches all round but in Kisii we have come up with a new method, we want to kill these people using our own hands.”

I later discovered that the young boy who had supposedly been bewitched, was suffering from epilepsy.

His mother had panicked when he had had an attack.

All too common

The village elder was dismissive of my horror, saying that this kind of thing happens all the time in the western district of Kisii.

He told me about Joseph Ondieki, whose mother had been burned to death less than two months earlier.

I found Joseph and his wife Mary Nyaboke tending vegetables in their small shamba, or homestead.

 If I visit my neighbours I fear they might poison my food 
Joseph Ondieki

Mary told me that on the day her mother-in-law had been killed she had been visiting her own parents.

She had heard a noise and discovered the truth when she came home.

She said that in the 20 years she had been married, she had never had any reason to believe her husband’s mother was a witch.

Joseph told me he has suffered a lot since his mother died.

“I was born here, but at this stage I feel as if this is not my home any more,” he said.

“I cannot visit neighbours or relatives.

“Even when they see me standing by the road side, they point at me, saying: ‘That is a son of the witch’.

Joseph Ondieki and his wife Mary

The couple fear they may be the next victims

“And when I go to town they also start wondering what has taken me there. Is it that I am going to give evidence against them?

“When I come back, they say I’ve been seen at the police station, but I’ve never been there. I’ve never reported the matter.

“If I visit the neighbours, I always fear that they might put poison in the food.

“So when I’m forced to visit, I make sure I don’t eat anything.

“If I can’t get my own food I just have a glass of water and sleep.”

I set off with Joseph up the hill towards his house, which was far from the centre of the village.

On the way we passed his mother’s house.

A neighbour was reluctant to talk to me and denied even knowing Joseph’s mother.

“Here in Kisii, people are being burned on mere allegation and most of them are old,” Joseph said.

“We now don’t have any old people in the village to consult.

“Even me I’m now approaching 50 years old – I’m afraid that they’ll come for me also.”

Warning signs

I spent three days in Kisii trying to speak to the authorities, but nobody, neither the police nor the local government officials would talk to me.


As night drew in, and it was time for me to leave, Joseph walked with me from his village to where my car was parked.

When we arrived, he begged me to take him with me to Mombasa, where I am based.

It was very difficult for me to leave him behind.

As I drove away I passed signs pinned to trees, warning witches that they would be tracked down.

“We know you by your names”, someone had typed in bold.

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114 thoughts on “Suspected Witches Burned Alive by Christians in Kenya

  1. i haven’t got the guts to watch the film.. it is too maddening and saddening. but the picture above I am sure is from the xenophobic attacks in South Africa in 2008. it is pretty crap of this site to use such an horrific image of Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave, a 35-year-old Mozambican, being burnt alive and claim it as a persecution of witches!


  2. White liberals are so stupid for insisting blacks are the same as us. Ni99ers are ni99ers period. When us whites kill it is either out of self defense or because we have been pushed so hard and when we do we just kill outright. We dont torture and kill slowly like ni99ers do.


    • Bob wall the peckerwood. You forgot you white boys rape and eat people. Then you make white killing people sound sooo kindly. HA! You peckerwoods have me dying laughing. Lmao!! Dummys.


    • Wow you are an ignorant idiot aren’t you . White ppl have and still do kill for many different reasons. Human is human you moron. Religion is the real danger here. Get an education you inbred hick.


      • Wow, the level of ignorance coming from this wall is amazing. Sounds like someone needs to pick up a book and read it.
        I think some of the people that think there is some looming difference between the races needs to take a DNA test that traces your lineage. Wouldn`t so many people be surprised where their ancestors really came from?


    • Bob Wall you’re are as dumb as they come, what did white people do in Salem, burned witches right. Who taught Africans about Christianity, white people right, who started the major terrorist groups in the world, white people right, who started hate groups, white people right, who took harmless symbols that meant things like peace and love and changed it into something evil, white people right, who destroys things for no good reason, white people right, who sleeps with their own brothers and sisters to keep their bloodline pure, white people right. Do I need to keep going or do you get the point? Basically I’m saying SHUT THE “F” UP FOREVER.


      • Wow! I love it when someone beats me to a thought. It never occurred to me that we taught these “primitive” people to believe in witches. Great point! Only believers in ghosts (holy or otherwise) could be so evil.


    • Please read more than one fucking book, people are people, we all evolved from the same thing, we all kill the same way, you call “black” barbarism more barbaric than “white” barbarism but if you read up some history you’ll find out you’re wrong, what about the Papal Inquisition? They used to burn people alive, put them on the rack, castrate people. What about the massacres and burnings of jews in Europe throughout the medieval period? What about war crimes committed during the crusades, or in fact all war crimes committed by europeans fighting petty wars from the Romans to Napolean? What about atrocities committed by the Third Reich? You seem either to not know or to be ignoring the fact that the most common atrocities committed by soldiers or warlords in Africa are the remnants of white colonialism as is the archaic thinking that has lead to this. Ultimately the problem is that you are ignorant, you have no idea what you are talking about or you do but you are blinding yourself to the truth, obviously you know nothing about anything I have just referenced, just please, if by some chance you read this, think about what you are saying, should your reaction at this horrible footage really be some backward thinking stone-age rubbish that serves nothing but to lead to this sort of hate?


    • George Hennard, James Oliver Huberty, Howard Barton Unruh, James Eagan Holmes, Michael Kenneth McLendon, Charles Raymond Starkweather, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler I could go on and on. We are all the same when it comes to environment….Or should I say a product of our raise….Color is color actions are actions when it comes to killers lol……. thats deeper then race. Just pointing some things out is all……………….. 14 W. D.L.


    • Sir I have to say that this doesn’t even begin to describe how stupid and irrational your comment is. I won’t even argue. I’ll just let you know how ludicrous and how much of a silly twat head you sound like.


    • You were burning people as witches the same way not too long ago but i’m sure you are too illiterate to know such things and don’t forget that you use to treat black people worst than what’s in that video not too long ago too.


    • Bob that is a DAMN lie. You white savages have been torturing and brutally killing people since the beginning of time! Have you forgotten about your history of burning witches at the stake, ‘hang drawn and quartering’ individuals, and other unspeakable executions and tortures???? Lets not forget about the time when you white savages attacked, tortured and castrated an INNOCENT black boy and burned him alive as you gathered in mass crowds to watch AS IF IT WERE SOME FOOTBALL GAME. Oh and if you still don’t think this happens today, THINK AGAIN. A man was recently executed for tying up a black man HE DIDNT EVEN KNOW to the back of his pick-up truck and drove off until the poor man was DECAPITATED. AND what about the Holocaust? Lynching? JEFFERY DAHMER?????? YOU THINK THOSE WERE ALL OUT OF SELF DEFENSE YOU RETARD?????


    • Your bigoted opinion makes America look stupid. Do you not realize that people shouldn’t be subjected by color BUT BY THEIR ACTIONS TOWARD OTHERS. Not all African Americans do this. And to say that white people act out of self defense, that may be true depending on the situation but every account is different. Don’t post an opinion if you deem it too idiotic for the world to handle. Not like we need another white man deeming himself above everyone else.


    • Whites never partook in such barbaric acts? Are you kidding me? So you’re saying that it didn’t happen in Austria, and it never occurred in Britain, nor in France, Germany, Poland, and definitely not in the United States? You’re American, yes? How is it that you don’t remember the bloody Salem Witch Trials? Le sigh, I guess I can’t blame you…I can only blame your countries shite education system.


    • I can’t believe one can think is this way. For your information, burning suspected witches dates back to the middle age in Europe. Were whites better? No, they were just same.

      It is not question of race, it is more of economic growth, scientific thinking, and education that eradicate superstition and violence.

      The video above is revolting and seriously sad at the same time.


    • What a horrible thing to say. Regardless if you’re white, black, yellow, green or blue with purple spots we are capable of killing others in barbaric ways. Look at the wars that went on in Eastern Europe during the 90. They were while yet still raped, murdered and did some truly shocking things. This needs to be stopped, I do not care how, but it needs to be stopped. Maybe instead of slagging off a colour you could ask… How can we help? What can we do? Can we do anything, because the anger and horror I feel is to overwhelming to cope with… Just a though.


    • wait a second Bob, did you forget about the salem which trials in Mass. I don’t think they were burned alive but they were definitely tortured. They were white, they were American. and Best of all we are probably all related to them in some way or another, so don’t be so quick to point fingers. You may be the decedent of one of these awful accusers 🙂


    • Well, Bob, that comment certainly outed you as a racist bigot and complete idiot. Please do not refer to “us whites”. That would include me and I want NO part of any group you may occupy. Murder is murder. The premises of these killing is supposedly to force valuable land deeds out of the hands of elders. It’s greed and barbarism operating under the guise of religious difference. And, morons like you who don’t read or think always have something hateful to say. I agree with Morkindie. You should just kill yourself and save the oxygen and water for worthy humans of all colors.


  3. Who the fuck was filming this?!? That is clearly not a handheld camera, and it looks like this was for a documentary or somrthing. They should have stepped in! Bastards, the lot of them!


    • To be fair, if I had a whole village who could very easily then accuse me of being a witch and throw me in, I wouldn’t do anything either. The best thing the person could do was show that video to the government and get it out there for people to see. If the guy filming was killed…….. We would of never known about it. Only now, with this evidence can anything be done. I bet everything in his body was telling him to do something but the risk to his own life was to great xxxx


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  6. No real Christian would do this, and where were these Kenyan warriors when the white devils tortured, killed & stole people, goods & land?


  7. these aren’t witches being burned by christians, these are elderly people being accused of witchcraft and killed by family members so they can inherit the elders’ land…..
    costs you about $50 to arrange to have grandpa killed this way…..


  8. 1st not Kenya its south africa. 2nd its not witches being burnes it is Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave and he wasn’t being burned as a witch, he was burned for being a foreigner in the wrong place at the wrong time in south africa. 3rd this happened in 2008


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  13. Inhumanity is present in all cultures. As a person of African descent myself. A secular atheist at that yet someone who has a lot of respect for the older ways present in all cultures, I HATE to see the continent of my ancestors embracing Christianity (And Islam for that matter) and in the same breath bringing such hate filled beliefs about their own ancestors’ traditions. it’s a shame. It’s sick. And unfortunately it shows how easily manipulated African people can be to cult like phenomena. I don’t have a problem with other people’s religion when it can peacefully co-exist with others. This is not a peaceful co-existence. And it’s hypocritical at that.


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  15. Has Anyone done any fact checking on these articles? or better yet ..Was anyone credible seen on video actually confirming that the words in the article are consistent with the videos or pictures in the blog? and if so, how do you know they are credible?…it’s real easy to tell MEDIA SENSATIONALISM AND HYPE..look for the words..SUSPECTED and ALLEGEDLY..which means that they don’t have have nearly enough information to verify whether anything in the article or videos are actually TRUE..we need to be more diligent in our efforts to fact check whats being posted on the internet, otherwise we’ll just believe everything that comes across our post..just saying


  16. AND FOR THE RECORD, no one knows who the people in the picture are, or what they done to be in that situation. We should be questioning the author of the blog and hold him accountable for not verifying in it’s entirety the source of his story ..and if he did, he needs to show proof and make the connection for his verifications…


  17. The original article does not refer to these people as Christians. Why do you? Obviously to lay blame where it does not belong. This was perpetrated on these elderly people for money, not for religious purposes. And no-where does it show in the article it was about Christians or done in the name of Christ. But those who only read headlines will undoubtedly use this to further their own belief that it was done in the name of Christ.


    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who actually looked at the original articles. People, you need to check sources before you just believe the things that you read on the internet. This article is wrong in various ways. It’s still disgusting what these people are doing, but it has nothing to do with Christians or any religion for that matter, and it doesn’t even have much to do with witchcraft, aside from the fact that the murderers are using it as an excuse to kill these people. It’s about taking property from these people and burning them when they don’t give in.


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  19. It has happen from 1820 on, For those whom has burned the witches shall suffer the rath, of the ❤ Fold law. Karma will deal the hand onto them. The color of there skin is not important, whom ever sends out hate, shall hate return, They burned our sisters at the stake, at the hands of there so called Christians. The words are in stone. what you send comes back ❤ Fold


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  21. Anyone with half of a brain cell will know that real Christians would never do such a thing, I don’t care if they call themselves Christians, the simple fact is they are not and if you find that hard to understand then you need to educate yourself better.


  22. May their souls rest in peace. Folks, this scene is as barbaric as
    jihadist slaughtering Americans or US soldiers using drones on an innocent populace. Have you forgotten about Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Come on now!! Its everywhere now. This disease is called hate.


  23. My first reaction was a lot of tears and then a lot of prayers. I pray that the souls beaten and burned to death are at peace now and I pray for protection and comfort for the sons and daughters of those souls. May legions of angels protect any future victims.


  24. It wasn’t until I read the comments and saw that the images and video posted here aren’t even related to the attacks, but just a disgusting abuse of the suffering and death of others to push an agenda. As an anti-theist, I am well aware of the horrors that religious folk bestow upon innocent victims daily. Every morning I see the 20-40 new Islamic terrorist attacks knock up the jihad counter to 22,000+ since 9/11. But using misinformation is an injustice.

    For those of us who are crusading against the ignorance of religion and the horrors that ignorant people carry out in it’s name, we have enough struggle with the sheer stupidity of the public, the apologists, and the all out deceivers. This kind of nonsense does more harm than good. It’s propaganda, and it’s easily seen through at that.


    • Nelson Mandala, “When the white men came, we had the land and he had the Bible. They asked us to close our eyes and pray. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.”
      Nothing has changed. The Bible is nothing but an excuse to steal resources and to keep slaves from running away.


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  26. Admin, are you that stupid? The video which is now removed has been around for at least five years when I first seen it. It was not on the Coast of Kenya, it was done around Kisii, Kenya. Witches were burned by people who feared witches, not by witch burning Christians.


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