US consulate in Afghanistan rocked by multiple blasts, gunfire

Well done It is good News Please Stay there don’t run for your life.

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Published time: September 13, 2013 02:35
Edited time: September 13, 2013 15:10

Smoke rises from a burning vechile near the US consulate after an attack by a car bomb followed by a gunfight in Herat on September 13, 2013. (AFP Photo/Aref Karimi)
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The US consulate in the Afghan province of Herat was attacked resulting in ten deaths, seven of them attackers, as well as two policemen and a security guard after a car bomb explosion was followed by a gun fight between militants and security forces.

Five Taliban suicide bombers entered the consulate building. Four were able to explode themselves before the fifth was apprehended. 17 civilians, including women and children, were injured in the attack.

An Afghan army spokesman told the BBC that the initial blast had damaged the consulate’s outer defences and allowed the attackers to breach the perimeter and begin shooting at the compound’s buildings…

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