Bilawal Symbolizing Sindhi Culture ???


Bilawal Symbolizing Sindhi Culture ???

bilawal bhutto scandalsPolitical figures of other nations educate their children and bring them up in their own country. Most of them do spend lives like ordinary citizens do, enjoying no special protocols or prestige sometimes. They are born, brought up and educated in their homeland.
Unfortunately in our country, the picture is completely different! Here these young born rich individuals usually born abroad spent their entire lives in foreign countries and occasionally come to visit their homeland.

Usually children of political figures who are brought up, educated in the foreign countries are less expected to know their native language or even have sound knowledge of their customs, traditions and sometimes their own values. It stands as no surprise for these ‘elite’ classes born figures to deviate form the basic ethical rules of the society.

Lately a twitter picture has created much hype on the social website. It is the picture of none other than the Chairman of the former government PPP, Bilawal Bhutto. He is seen pictured with a foreign young lady with Superman shirt and bearing Sindhi logo in it. Long threads of tweet followed. After Bilawal promoted the ‘Sindhi’ culture, the first time seen to be doing any such thing, Eric a young lady tweeted him that she has a better logo bearing the Sindhi ‘ajrak’. Bilawal showed willingness to see it. After it, the young lady agreed to send him the logo she designed, provided he gives the credit to her. Finally, a picture of both Bilawal and Eric could be seen on the internet, widely being posted. Asifa, Bakhtawar and Bilawal, the three children of Zardari were seen sporting T-shirts bearing the ‘Sindhi logo’.

Whatever the reason may be but it was good to see Bilawal to promote his family’s culture on the social website that marks his love and support for his family’s culture.

These photos were shared by Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari and some other people:


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