Sialkot (Pakistan) Incident Video Stirs Fire in Indian Hindu Extremists

Sialkot Incident Video Stirs Fire in Indian Hindu Extremists

Mumbai: Uses of words, emoticons on the social websites have earned prominent significance. It is on these “linking” websites that people across the globe communicate their understanding, perceptions, views, ideas and opinions. Discussing any social, political or economic issue, relating to any aspect of life involves various defenders and supporters. Often the opinion builder himself doubts his knowledge.
Propaganda and protests are often strongly observed. This is the reason that people release their frustrations and anger onFacebook and twitter accounts, settling down their anger. On the social websites sometimes a victim by raising voice gets justice while many being violent to the racist, ethnic, religious issues give rise to hated and anger among people. Sometimes, the arguments involve State’s people to become targeted.
Such an incident happened in the Indian State, in Uttar Pradesh. Conflict arose between Indian Hindus and Muslims in Muzaffar Nagar of UP. More than dozen lost their lives. Pertaining to the deteriorated condition of the city, thousands of police forces have been deployed in the area. Strict commandments to shoot off the vandals and extremists have also been given.

The video that stirred the violence was a video posted on Facebook that showed two young boys being beaten. One of the extremist groups ignited tension by stating that the incident took place in Muzaffar Nagar, by the Muslims being allegedly involved.  Violence erupted across the city, resulting in the killings of Hindus and Muslims.



Afterwards it was learnt that the video was of the Sialkot incident, where two brothers from the city were beaten to death by the mob, two years back in 2010.

It is saddening to see that at one place where the social websites are playing positive role in connecting people, the extremist bodies are using it as a forum to ignite conflicts and massacre. It raises the question on limitations on the use of the social websites.


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