Move UN out of US

Bolivian President Evo Morales has accused the United States of harboring terrorists and urged that UN headquarters be moved from New York.



Morales made the remarks in his speech to the 68th UN General Assembly on Wednesday, AFP reported.

“I would like you to be aware that the United States harbors terrorists and the corrupt,” said Morales, adding, “They take refuge here, and the United States does not help in the fight against corruption.”

The socialist president called for the United Nations to leave New York City because of US “blackmail” and bullying.

“No guaranteed visas, no guaranteed overflights. We feel threatened, bullied and blackmailed over visas,” he said, adding that the United States “has never ratified treaties related to human rights.”

“We must seriously think about changing the headquarters of the United Nations,” said Morales.

The Bolivian president also told the annual UN leaders’ summit that he did not feel safe in the US because of spying and security concerns.

“How can we be safe at a meeting of the United Nations here in New York? Some do not believe in imperialism and capitalism and feel totally unsafe,” Morales said.

The UN headquarters has been in New York since the global body’s creation in 1945.


One thought on “Move UN out of US

  1. We lost Chavez, but still have Morales.

    More important than moving the UN puppet building from the US soil, the permanent veto seats of the US, UK, France, Russia & PR China need to go.

    Whilst these seats remain the UN will never be a free and fair world organisation. There are currently 15 members of the UN Security Council, including the permanent five. Increase this number and the UNSC should be balanced enough not to require the vetoing powers.


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