CBI to probe naval wife-swapping scandal? Supreme Court to decide

The Supreme Court will decide whether the CBI should investigate allegations that a naval officer’s wife in Kerala was sexually abused by his seniors and him.

indian navy

The woman says that her husband and other officers of the Southern Naval Command in Kochi tortured her and forced her to participate in ‘wife swapping’ parties.

The Navy has said that the charges are unsubstantiated and the result of marital strife between the couple.

The woman has told the Supreme Court that her complaint is not being investigated fairly by the Kerala Police.

“The local police is under a lot of pressure to treat the matter as a matrimonial dispute and are watering down the serious and grave allegations of the complaint against the naval officers,” she alleged.

She gave a detailed account of the various alleged incidents of torture and molestation in her petition and also submitted the invitation cards of what she described as ‘wife swapping’ parties.

She says that she had written a letter to Chief of Naval Staff on March 5 seeking his intervention, but that no action was taken on the complaint.



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