Syria – The Beginning As Per an Activist

Syria – The Beginning As Per an Activist

Friends of Syria

NO, it didn’t start peaceful and it was not spontaneous and it was definitely not because of a few children arrested by the security forces whom removed their nails. All of that is ‘exaggerated’ if not totally fabricated. 

It was a pre-planned event that would see the collapse of the last secular state in the region to allow the emerging of an apartheid entity based on religious belief: ‘the Jewish state of Israel’. The entity that needs sectarian and ethnic based neighbors to justify its presence in its shape; any secular state would be an existential threat for a ‘Jewish State’.

Use one of the oldest tricks in the books to enforce the plan: The infiltrators sniping at protesters and at security forces at the same time to create chaos that would lead to a ‘revolution’, call it an
‘Arab Spring’.

And when this very well plan fails, resort to…

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