Who Killed Arafat?

Israelis muthafuckers killed him…

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Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

Note:  This is a bit of a personal story for me…..for when I was working for a Spanish newspaper I met Arafat in Tunisia in 1980……an articulate man…an interesting man…..we were having coffee in his office and I asked why he had taken up arms….he told me that in 1956 his wife and son had been killed by an Israeli bomb and he felt he had to do something…….

May I see a show of hands……Do you know who is Yasser Arafat?

Did you say thew leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization?  Then you were correct……but if you said he was a terrorist….remember one thing……that designation is a arbitrary one….depends on what you care to believe.

In 2004 the leader of the PNA succumb to illness and was rushed to Paris for treatment where he later died…….of course with all leaders that die under mysterious…

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