Bahraini children tortured, Amnesty says

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HRW: ‘Bahrain children beaten & tortured’ for taking part in protests

17 sep 2013

Human Rights Watch claims there is evidence that Bahraini security forces routinely detain and abuse children suspected of participating in anti-government protests. That’s according to a report, published today. Here we have a quote ‘Information recently obtained from victims, family members, and local rights activists suggests that Bahraini authorities often hold children for long periods in detention and subject them to similar forms of mistreatment as adult detainees, including beatings and threats of torture.’


Children tortured in Bahrain crackdown – lobbyists

By Staff Writer

Sunday, 15 December 2013 12:03 PM

Children in Bahrain have been tortured and threatened with rape by authorities as part of an ongoing crackdown on anti-government demonstrations, lobbyists said on Sunday.

Amnesty International said scores of children, some as young…

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