Nelson Mandela, Iran, and the Critique of American Hegemony

Peace and Freedom

Nelson Mandela, Iran, and the Critique of American Hegemony
TEHRAN (FNA)- As the world commemorates Nelson Mandela, it is unfortunate that so much of the public discussion is dominated by the pious bloviating of politicians whose own careers seem not just unspeakably trivial compared to Mandela’s, but run directly against so much of what Mandela worked so hard to accomplish in his life. We think it is better to remember Mandela’s own words and deeds. In particular, we want to recall Mandela’s ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and his clear criticism of what he saw as America’s drive to dominate the Middle East and the Muslim world.

As Cyrus Safdari points out, everyone should remember that “Islamic Iran was strongly supporting the freedom movement (in South Africa), the US sided with the S. African apartheid regime and Reagan in particular was opposed to the sanctions on that government. Israel too was a close cooperator with the racist…

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