My Life – My America

I am A Human

The Black SHEEP !


The opportunity to grow in America is an enjoyable yet complex situation for me and many young men like me (although I speak for myself when I say enjoyable). Residing from the land of the free and home of the brave. New Orleans, LA to be exact, this 21 year journey has been every bit of bittersweet. Even though my country has been labeled the epitome of opportunity, this chance is not equally available to everyone. One with sense would ask, how could enjoyment come from an advanced system of oppression that has become ingrained in our social and economical society? How can the colonization of your people be enjoyed in any way?…
The enjoyment comes with creating and developing opportunities despite the disposition. The enjoyment lies in the task to rehab and save ourselves. We as black men have been put in a position to where we have to…

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