NSA spying and Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium

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This video says about itself:

Eyes Everywhere: NSA‘s second tier spying partners identified

19 Dec 2013

Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and several other EU countries were named among “third party partners” in the NSA-led global signal intelligence program, a new leak submitted by journalist Glenn Greenwald to Danish TV reveals.

Read more here.

Senator on the NSA: “Big Brother is truly watching you”: here.

The report issued last Wednesday by a White House panel on US surveillance programs has set the stage for an intensified effort to suppress any further revelations of illegal government spying: here.

Nine Gifts the NSA Will Hate: here.

“We know that this NSA data will be abused — at some point, a president will see it as politically valuable”: here.

Insight: How U.S. spying cost Boeing multibillion-dollar jet contract with Brazil: here.

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