Eliminating terrorism or smuggling heroin out of Afghanistan?

A Christiatian Country United States Smuggling Drugs

Aftab Chughtai

There has always been a question mark on the true agenda behind the US invasion in Afghanistan. The country produces more than 90% of the total heroin demand of the world. During the Taliban regime, which followed strict Islamic Shariah Law, the poppy cultivation was totally banned and all crops were destroyed. There was death penalty for it’s consumption, cultivation, production and supply. The heroin production was immediately dropped to ZERO. Now after the US invasion of Afghanistan, the country is again at the top of the list. My question is, after the fall of the Taliban regime the country is completely cut-off from the outside world, all borders are sealed off by the US dominated security forces, then how can heroin be transported out of Afghanistan? Abby Martin of RT News has exposed the truth, watch the video.

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