+18 Nigerian Christian Killing Muslims, Caught Live


My very polite and very humble and warm hearted response to a slut who is self claimed herself as fuck of Public Diplomacy, Extensive real-world connections and personal relationships with political, business, media, and military leaders throughout USA, Russia, China, Poland, North Africa and the Middle East, Analysis of North Africa and Middle East issues, Analysis of insurgency and irregular warfare in the Arab world
News Media Consultant and Liaison
Media Rights Broker
Full Member of International Public Relations Association (IPRA)

+18 Nigerian Christian Killing Muslims, Caught Live

On the video testimony below given by a Army and Police not working in aid assistance to persecuted Muslims in Nigeria who were killed on point blank in the street live. These Christian BASTARDS and filth eating PIGS and Sons of WHORES heard screaming “JESUS” as they SHOOT an innocent unarmed Muslims civilian in Nigeria.

The blood of these murdered Muslims spilled in the streets by yids and yankis mudafuckers. Obviously they are very rich  and resourceful to be able to sell the ammunition and bribe the official to buy OIL repulsive collectibles for their religious rituals for Churches and Senegals. They drink the blood Muslims so that they can go to heaven and meet jesus.


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