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For most of us, performing sexual favors in some dark alley for grocery money is about as low as life can get. But history is full of stories of prostitutes who parlayed their skills into positions of prestige and power. And some of them changed the world.
Rahab the Harlot

Where: Jericho.

When: 1400s B.C.

How She Got Her Start?

Rahab probably came from a middle-class family in Jericho. She was an intelligent, independent-minded woman, and in those days there was only one profession for a girl like her to go into. A married woman was a slave to her husband, but a prostitute lived her own life and made her own decisions. As a scarlet woman, Rahab had freedom.

The cost of freedom, circa 1400 BC.

By all accounts, she was good at it, too. By the time she comes up in the Bible, she…

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USA Planning for War and Deception

the real Syrian Free Press


The Americans are playing a deadly and cynical game at the Geneva II conference on Syria, sabotaging the talks in order to set the stage for more warfare and terror. In this sick equation, diplomatic failure is victory: “the U.S. moves closer to their real strategic objective – regime change or the dismemberment of the Syrian state”.

Planning for War and Deception: How the Obama Administration celebrates the King Holiday

by BAR editor and columnist Ajamu Baraka

The Obama administration demonstrated that it is not serious about seeking a diplomatic solution”

There is a perverse irony that last week on the day that the U.S. government designated as the official holiday in honor of the birthday of Dr. King, a militant anti-war and anti-imperialist, the administration of the nations’ first black president would be involved in frantic efforts to ensure that the Syrian peace conference would be unable to…

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Tony Blair supports dictators

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Ths video from the USA says about itself:

19 March 2010

Blair Tied to Iraq-Linked Oil Firm

The Guardian of London is reporting former Prime Minister Tony Blair has received payments from a South Korean oil firm with extensive oil interests in the US and Iraq. The company, UI Energy Corporation, hired Blair around the same time its Iraqi consortium struck a controversial oil deal with the autonomous Kurdish government. Blair denies his dealings with the company were linked to Iraq. His dealings with UI Energy were kept under wraps for twenty months after Blair convinced a British government committee it should be kept secret due to market sensitivities.

When George W. Bush and Tony Blair started the bloody Iraq war, government propaganda, slavishly echoed by the corporate media, said the war was because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction … oops, it did not have those arms

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WTF is Going On?

WTF… Is going on???

The Israeli GS4 company which is looking after 5000 Palestinians including 200 women and children in the worst conditions possible has been hired by Saudi Arabia to provide security for the Hajj ceremony.
What kind of Muslims are Saudi rulers?!
Can these Wahhabis be called Muslims?!

Saudi Arabia has been contracting with the private security company, G4S, to provide crowd control and maintenance during the Hajj, the pilgrimage undertaken by nearly 3 million Muslims annually.

G4S is complicit in Israel’s international law violations and human rights abuses of Palestinians.

For example, G4S provides “security” to:
– Israeli prisons, where more than 5,000 Palestinians, including 200 women and children, are being held as political prisoners in contravention of international law.
– Jewish settlement colonies in the West Bank, which are illegal and built on stolen Palestinian land.
– Interrogation and detention centers, where human rights groups have documented cases of abuse and torture.