Musharraf and our Hypocrisy


Five words: Musharraf is not a coward. You can call him whatever you want but none of us have a right to call him a coward. I am neither his supporter nor am I advocating his defence. I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy that pervades our society. On Twitter, we have Bilawal Bhutto calling Musharraf a coward, expressing his disgust at the fact that this man once wore the uniform of our Armed Forces. What I really want to tell Bilawal is that his mum once signed a deal with this man he’s calling a coward. I want to remind him of a time in Pakistan’s history when his daddy presented 200 fake medical certificates to avoid the courts. And then I want to hold open Bilawal’s eyes, which have been blinded by his arrogance, to show him where he lives: in a fort away from the people of Pakistan…

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