WTF is Going On?

WTF… Is going on???

The Israeli GS4 company which is looking after 5000 Palestinians including 200 women and children in the worst conditions possible has been hired by Saudi Arabia to provide security for the Hajj ceremony.
What kind of Muslims are Saudi rulers?!
Can these Wahhabis be called Muslims?!

Saudi Arabia has been contracting with the private security company, G4S, to provide crowd control and maintenance during the Hajj, the pilgrimage undertaken by nearly 3 million Muslims annually.

G4S is complicit in Israel’s international law violations and human rights abuses of Palestinians.

For example, G4S provides “security” to:
– Israeli prisons, where more than 5,000 Palestinians, including 200 women and children, are being held as political prisoners in contravention of international law.
– Jewish settlement colonies in the West Bank, which are illegal and built on stolen Palestinian land.
– Interrogation and detention centers, where human rights groups have documented cases of abuse and torture.


3 thoughts on “WTF is Going On?

  1. Here in the US, G4S operates as GeoGroup…formerly known as Wackenhut…the private prison corporation. They merged back in…2002, I think. None of it is any good for ‘we the peons’ – not here, not in Arabia, not anywhere.


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