Angry American Jesus

Angry American Jesus

Matthew 5:22 ASV

American Standard Version

but I say unto you, that every one who is angry with his brother shall be in danger of the judgment;

how ever we read, when jesus was near temple,he became angry…. so will he be Judged ?

6 thoughts on “Angry American Jesus

  1. “Perhaps isolation, separation, condemnation, angry with brother” must mean something beyond anger. Condemnation, ridicule, unkind etc. “bother may mean people in general not family member. In temple Jesus is rightfully infuriated for unGodly enterprise and hypocrisy. The God of OT is a fairly wrathful fellow.


  2. As God’s son, with perfect understanding of human hearts, and the right to absolute obedience, Jesus had a right to be angry with sinners that humans don’t have. I’d say humans can only safely have righteous anger at human sin.


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