Where the F*ck human madhaf*cking rights?

Dire warnings are pouring in from human rights groups over the worsening situation of Muslims in the Central African Republic amid the silence of the international bodies including the UN that are responsible for global preserving peace and security. The human rights group Amnesty International says the exodus of tens of thousands of Muslims from the African country amounts to “ethnic cleansing”. The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has also sounded the alarm over the situation saying it faces a “distinct risk” of splitting into Muslim and Christian regions due to ongoing sectarian violence. The former French colony, which has a Christian majority, plunged into violence and after Seleka rebels, who are mostly Muslim, ousted President Francois Bozize in March 2013. Fighting erupted between Muslim and Christian groups, but did intensify against Muslims after the Seleka-propped government crumbled in January. Some observers say at the core of the conflict is under-development, bad governance and extreme poverty for the vast majority of the population. They argue that Bozize served the interests of ex-colonial power, France. The presence of French and African Union armed forces has failed to stop the conflict and increasingly brutal violence that is now taking on the character of ethnic cleansing and large-scale massacres.

Why has the country descended into its current dismal situation?
Why do Muslims in C.A.R. face starvation, mass killing and ethnic cleansing?
What is the way out for C.A.R.?
What is the role of foreign troops in the violence?
Why the UN is not acting to protect Muslims?







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