Christian Child Killer Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier Raped By 20 Christian Prisoners

Christian Child Killer Raped, Tortured In Prison: Justice?


A christian child killer was raped and tortured in prison after reportedly beating, raping, and killing his one-year, eight-month-old stepson.


Multiple reports are starting to make the rounds on child killer Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier, a Gracie Barra competitor and jiujitsu instructor, who turned himself in to Brazilian authorities after having killed his stepson and obtained a lawyer.

Globo had the original report, translated here by Google Translate:

The child was hospitalized on September 27 in Anchieta Hospital, Wansbeck, and died two days later. Doctors had been informed that the victim had been dropped. Servers from the facility, however, triggered after police find that the injuries were not consistent with a fall.

“The action was blunt trauma to the force applied was very large. Only a person with great poise and knowledge of techniques, as the stepfather, who was jiu-jitsu, to know, “said the delegate from the 38th Precinct Tania Soares. “The child also had a fissure in the anus, it is unclear whether from sexual abuse, since constipation also gives fissure.”

After turning himself in, Xavier entered the prison population where he was targeted by as many as 20 inmates. O Presente had the rest:

Daryell was raped by about 20 prisoners. He had injuries all over the body, the most serious ones in the anal region. Dissatisfied, and still furious about the crime committed by the professor, the prisoners tore apart the stitches that he received and raped him again. The blood stains on the rear of the short of the young man are proof of how much he suffered.

Now, editorially, we think the full image of what happened to Xavier is graphic, unpleasant, and not something you want to see jump out at you without a little warning.

So if you’d like to have a look for yourself, Secrets Of The Fed has the image here.

While it may be uncomfortable for some to celebrate a child killer raped by his fellow inmates, a public perception that prisoners are too coddled by society fuels the animosity.

Take, for instance, the recent release and fresh start given to child murderer Jon Venables, who reportedly abducted two-year-old James Bulger from a mall in Liverpool circa 1993, and later beat the toddler to death with an accomplice, schoolmate Robert Thompson.

Venables was released in 2001 and arrested again after it was discovered that he downloaded hundreds of images of child pornography. Today, he is free with a new identity.

In the case of the child killer raped by inmates, do you think what happened to him was justice? Share your thoughts!

6 thoughts on “Christian Child Killer Daryell Dickson Meneses Xavier Raped By 20 Christian Prisoners

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  2. Why do you refer to him as ‘christian child killer’ and the inmates at the prison as christians? How do you know what, if any, religion any of them were? Yeah I kno south america is catholic country, but they’re not all christian and they aren’t all religious. Not to mention the fact that brazil, most south american countries and mexico are are horrible fucked up places I do not even want to step foot in. Third world low IQ bullshit.


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