How To Have Christianity Safekeeping

Safekeeping: Police Find Loaded Gun In This Woman’s Vagina (PICTURED)

A totally gross place to hide a pistol.
A woman who was arrested for driving with a suspended license was slapped with weapons charges too after a loaded gun un her vagina was found by the police.
19-year-old Dallas Archer was arrested on Monday and brought to jail when the police found the tiny gun concealed in her private parts during a search routine by one of the female cops.
During the search, an ”unknown object” was noticed in the suspects groin.
She was taken to by the female cop and her colleague into the bathroom where the  the 4-inch North American Arms 22LR revolver was discovered.
Police said the $250 gun originally belonged to John Souther, a retired car salesman from Kingsport.
NY Daily news reports:

Souther said it was stolen from his 1994 Mustang last year while the car was parked in front of his home.
“Oh gosh,” Souther, 70, told The Smoking Gun after learning where his gun was found.
The “little fellow,” he said, would need a “bath in bleach.”
Archer was charged with gun possession and introducing contraband into a jail and released after posting $6,000 bond.


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