More terrorists transferred in their hospitals in Israel

the real Syrian Free Press


Tel Aviv, Occupied Palestine – 10/5/2014 – More wounded terrorists were taken in Safed, at the Ziv Hospital, in the Palestinian occupied territories, to join another dozen of cannibals who were hospitalized before.

A Zionist website, the “Walla”, stated that the Zionist Occupation Forces transferred injured terroristic militiamen from the Syrian Golan to the Ziv Hospital on Thursday night.

The mercenary terrorists are in critical condition, with serious injuries all over their bodies.

Some 283 terrorists have been treated in the last few months in Zif Hospital, and few hundreds more received treatment at other Israeli hospitals after getting wounded while being chased by the Syrian Arab Army.

The increasing numbers of those terrorists being offered Israeli help indicate the large-scale and unlimited support which the Zionist entity have been providing the armed terrorist groups fighting in Syria.

This is the proof that the Zionist occupier is a terrorist entities…

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