‘Brilliant’ IT worker who was obsessed with suicide pact couple jumped to his death from top of JP Morgan’s 500ft London HQ after leaving ‘hate life’ message on his computer

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Tragedy: IT executive Gabriel Magee was found dead at the end of January after jumping from the top of JP Morgan's headquarters in Canary Wharf, London, and landing on a surrounding roof .’Brilliant’ Gabriel Magee had repeatedly tried to get on Canary Wharf roof
. In January he broke through hatch and jumped as workers arrived
. Ex-girlfriend spoke of his interest in students who died a suicide pact
. ‘That was something Gabe thought about a lot’, she told his inquest
. Coroner records suicide verdict driven by mental illness
. Father accused firm of ‘murder by omission’ for failing to stop him
. JP Morgan head of investigations said it is ‘a place of work, not a prison’

By Martin Robinson

A ‘brilliant’ investment bank worker who leapt 500ft from his office skyscraper was obsessed with a suicide pact couple who believed they would wake in a parallel universe as lottery winners, an inquest heard.

American Gabriel Magee, a vice-president at JP Morgan, plunged to his death as people were arriving for work at the 33-storey Canary Wharf tower in…

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