Christian Father Kills Daughter For Converting to Islam

A Christian father of girl in the Ajlun province of Jordan has been charged with killing his 17-year-old daughter in cold blood. The murder came on the heals of her conversion to Islam, police sources said.

According to the Ajlun police investigations, the teen had converted to Islam last Wednesday. Shortly thereafter, she participated in a prominent Islamic cleric’s preaching at the Jordanian University in the capital Amman.


The Iranian international news source The World (Al-Alam), reported that the very same day, the father found out his daughter’s conversion, he beat her over the head with a rock until she died.

Al-Bawaba News reports that “Related security sources added that residents in Ajloun province tried to break into the local church in protest after hearing the news that the father in the community killed his daughter for her religious decision.”

Local law enforcement, speaking on conditions of anonymity said that the father was taken into custody and charged with murder.

“Some residents of Al Wahadinah village besieged and tried to storm into the church, a short time after some youth attempted to burn it down before security forces intervened,” the source told Anadolu Agency.

Details beyond this have so far been sparse, as investigations are still underway, and Jordanian law does not commonly share details of pending criminal investigations with the media.



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