American Sex Education Very Biblical No.1

Mary Kay Letourneau


Name: Mary Kay Letourneau
School: Shorewood Elementary School
City: Seattle, WA
Age of Teacher:
Age of Student: 13
Rank: 1

Two counts of statutory rape


Mary Kay Letourneau was a teacher at Shorewood Elementary School in Seattle, WA. She first met Vili Fualaau when he was in second grade. In 1995, she became Fualaau’s sixth grade teacher. Unhappily married, she began an affair with Fualaau, now 13 years old, in the summer of 1996. Her husband discovered the affair, and in February of 1997 Letourneau was arrested for rape. The story immediately became national news and the punchline for late night talk show jokes. In May of 1997, Letourneau gave birth to a girl, Audrey, fathered by Fualaau. In August of 1997, Letourneau pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree child rape, and was given a suspended seven-year jail sentence, serving six months in the county jail and required to enroll in a three-year sex offender program. However, in February of 1998, she was found in a parked car with Faulaau, along with a sizable amount of money, baby clothes, and a passport, and was sent back to prison to serve the remainder of her term. Letourneau and Fualaau’s second daughter, Georgia, was born in October of 1998. In August of 2004, Letourneau was released from jail, and in May of 2005, she and Fualaau were married, in a ceremony covered exclusively by Entertainment Tonight, who paid a reported $750,000. Now husband and wife, Letourneau and Fualaau recently were in the news for throwing a “Hot For Teacher Night” at a Seattle bar, where Fualaau DJed and Letourneau (who has changed her legal name to Mary Kay Fualaau) hosted.


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