Sword Fight Erupt in Sikh temple

Sword fight erupts in Sikh temple



Violent sword fight broke out between two rival Sikh groups.
According to the media reports, the sword fight erupts between two opposite groups in the India’s Golden Temple in the province of Punjab. It is reported that almost 12 people were injured in the sword fight at the holiest Shrine in the Sikh religion.
Video footage shows dozens of Sikh men fighting and chasing each other with swords on the steps outside the shrine.

Prem Singh Chandumajra, a spokesman for the Sikh party Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), told media reporters that:

“Today we were supposed to have a solemn remembrance for the martyrs of 1984, so what has happened is very sad.”
Chandumajra further added that:
“The temple has once again been dishonored today.”
The fighting was over who would be allowed to speak at a ceremony marking the anniversary of a military operation that killed hundreds of people in 1984.

Operation Blue Star, as it was codenamed, was an army raid ordered by India’s then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that attempted to drive out Sikh separatists in the Golden Temple. The notorious operation killed 400 people, according to the Indian government, with Sikhs saying the figures were much higher.

Gandhi was later assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards in retaliation for Operation Blue Star.Indian security forces were brought in to break up the fighting and later reported that the situation was under control.



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