Indian-made weapons recovered from terrorists of airport attack

Following the barbaric terrorist attack on Karachi airport, arms and ammunition recovered by security forces from the ‘ground-zero’ were Indian-made, ARY News reported Monday.

Indian-made weapons recovered from terrorists of airport attack

Taliban have already claimed the responsibility of the attack wherein 19 people including Airport Security Force (ASF) personnel, Civil Aviation Authority officials, PIA workers and other personnel were killed. Ten militants were also killed by security forces.



According to DG Rangers Sindh, the arms recovered from the beleaguered site were Indian-manufactured. He added that the militants killed by law enforcers were seemingly Uzbeks.



The questions are yet to be answered on whose dictations Uzbeks were acting upon. Security forces were considering if there links between militancy and Balochistan and attack on Karachi airport.

According to Reuters, a group of heavily armed gunmen stormed Karachi airport on Sunday night and at least 26 people were killed in a night-long battle at one of the country’s most high-profile targets.

The assault on Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan’s sprawling commercial hub of 18 million people, took place as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government tries to engage Taliban militants in talks to end years of fighting.

The attack began just before midnight when 10 gunmen wearing military uniforms shot their way into the airport.

Gun battles went on for five hours and television pictures showed fire raging as ambulances ferried casualties away. By dawn on Monday, the army said the airport had been secured.


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