Zio-Nazi Extremists Cheer and Rejoice as military of the bastards bombs Gaza

Israelis continue to shamelessly gather on hillsides for cheering as the Tel Aviv regime’s military drops bombs on innocent Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.


Groups of Israelis gather each evening on hilltops overlooking Gaza to watch, whoop and whistle as missiles are fire at the oppressed Gazans a few miles away, British daily the Guardian reported on Sunday.

Sitting on upturned crates, garden chairs and battered car seats, most of the spectators hold up smartphones to take selfies against backdrops of black smoke in Gaza.

The flash of explosions is greeted with exclamations of approval by the Israelis, with one of the spectator describing a shellfire as “What a beauty.”

“We come to look at the bombing,” said Shimrit Peretz, an Israeli citizen, adding, “It’s interesting”. Peretz said she doesn’t worry about the Palestinian civilians.
The report was released a few days after the American news network CNN removed its correspondent Diana Magnay from covering Israel’s deadly offensive against Palestinians after she reported Israelis’ cheering of the bombing of Gaza last week.

The bloodshed is continuing in Gaza for the 13th straight day as there is no let-up to the Israeli onslaught on the blockaded enclave.

Medics say the overall Palestinian death toll has now soared to at least 410. The figure soared following a massive Israeli assault on Shejaiya district and its surroundings.

Israeli warplanes and soldiers backed by tanks have intensified aerial and ground operations against the coastal sliver. More than 3,000 Palestinians have also been wounded since July 8.


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